AI and the photographic image

While Al-generated images can be impressive feats of technology and may have practical applications in various fields, they should be acknowledged as a distinct form of digital art rather than being equated with traditional photography. The human element of creative intent and the deeply personal nature of capturing moments with a camera are irreplaceable, and it is this intangible quality that defines photography as a uniquely human endeavour.

 The key distinguishing factor between Al-generated images and true photography lies in the absence of human creativity and thought in the former. Photographers exercise their artistic skills, make conscious decisions about composition, lighting, subject matter, and timing, and infuse their images with personal expression and storytelling. They actively engage with their surroundings, capture fleeting moments, and convey their unique perspective through their photographs. Al-generated images, on the other hand, lack the subjective interpretation and intentional choices made by human photographers, as they rely solely on algorithms and statistical analysis.

 The production of Al-generated images typically involves training deep learning models on vast datasets of photographs, enabling the algorithms to learn patterns, styles, and visual representations. These models then generate new images based on the learned information, often combining elements from multiple sources or creating entirely new compositions.

While the output may be aesthetically pleasing and technically impressive, it lacks the human touch, intent, and emotional connection that is inherent in traditional photography. Whether the viewer can decern or even identify such variations is still in process, as new AI iterations are going to blur completely the already known tell-tale signs like finger sausages and degraded aberration on lifelessness.

 Al-produced images, while visually captivating and often indistinguishable from traditional photographs, cannot be rightfully classified as true photography. Photography, in its essence, involves capturing moments and scenes through the lens of a camera, relying on the creative vision, skill, and intent of a human photographer. Al-generated images, on the other hand, are the result of algorithms and computational processes that analyse existing visual data to generate new images.






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