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Ara Koopelian a photographer whose work captures the vibrant energy and diversity of some of the world’s most iconic cities. From the dazzling lights of New York City at night, to the bustling alleyways of Shanghai, and the colorful market stalls and people of Vietnam, Ara has a talent for capturing the essence of a place and its people. His keen eye for detail and ability to find beauty in unexpected places has also led them to explore the urban and regional landscapes of Australia and the American experience through years of travel and living in the USA. With a style that is both contemporary and timeless, The photographs are a window into the everyday world around us, inviting viewers to see the familiar in a new perspective and discover the magic in the beauty of the common scene.

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Come join Ara on a photo walk through the streets of Sydney! Discover the beauty of this dynamic city as we explore the streets and capture captivating city views and the iconic harbour. From the hustle and bustle of the city streets to the quiet alleys and hidden gems, you will be guided through the maze of buildings and hidden gems the city. While showing you how to capture the memories of your adventure through the lens of your camera.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, we will share knowledge and techniques for taking stunning photographs of the city. Learn how to use light, composition, and perspective to create powerful and evocative images. You will learn how to use your iPhone, SLR, mirrorless and analog film cameras. Bring a camera that best suits you for great results.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore Sydney in a new way and create lasting memories through the art of photography. Join our walk on and book a time to take the first step in capturing your travel memories and the beauty of this amazing city.


Photo Walk Morning Light (2 Hrs) $130 Per Person
Photo Walk Afternoon Light (2 Hrs) $130 Per Person
Cancel up to 7 days before the photo walk start time for a full refund, or within 24 hours of booking as long as the booking is made more than 48 hours before the start time.

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Freeze was shot in a Cafe in Brooklyn NY as snow fell. A record of abstraction through a window on the atmosphere and ambience and it’s affected on the space and surroundings.

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  1. ScRYMAtE (verified owner)

    Ara is very and polite guy. He made me feel awesome by experiencing photography. Now I came to know there is lot of thing to learn in photography. I will recommend my friends and family as well. Thank a lot Ara.

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